"There is a rare musical triple point where talent, vision, and a wicked sense-of-humor meet. Damn few artists ever make it there. I believe it must be the address of one Sasha Masakowski."- All About Jazz, 2015 (5-star review of Old Green River)

Sasha Masakowski was born into a family of musicians in New Orleans, Louisiana and has been a leading voice on the New Orleans music scene since 2009, when she was awarded “Best Emerging Artist” by the Big Easy Association.

"A charismatic performer and one of the brightest young talents in the Big Easy" - Offbeat Magazine, 2011

She has since performed major clubs and festivals across the United States and abroad, and leads three bands of her own that range from traditional New Orleans jazz (Sidewalk Strutters) to contemporary jazz and world music (Musical Playground) to experimental electronic art-rock (Hildegard, Tra$h Magnolia). 

"Her material choice shows a daring disregard for the commercial mainstream and a courage to step out and do something different...very successfully"- All About Jazz

Vanity Fair Magazine just listed Sasha as one of the top jazz musicians in the world and December 2015 issue of Downbeat Magazine named Sasha among the most innovative musicians coming out of New Orleans to date. She has performed 5 years consecutively at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and has toured across the U.S., Asia, Europe and Central America.

"Masakowski’s marvelous voice can be sly, sexy, exotic and arresting as she works her way through an incredibly diverse array of music that crosses cultural and stylistic lines in interesting ways” - All About Jazz

Sasha'a approach to music is as playful, charismatic and spontaneous as her personality. Her influences draw from jazz to electronic music to rock and she performs often in fully improvised settings to help cultivate her exotic style. Sasha has earned a reputation internationally as a daring, fearless improviser and charming interpreter, working often alongside other progressive, genre-defying musicians such as Zach Danziger, Cliff Hines, Aurora Nealand, Paul Thibodeaux, Irvin Mayfield, and Jason Lindner to name a few. 

"The young singer makes it clear that this is high-fashion music that lives beyond the borders of the Big Easy.." - All About Jazz

Sasha is currently preparing a new album, Art Market. The music takes a deliberate step into new territory, showcasing Sasha not only as a vocalist but also as a composer and bandleader. Compositions on Art Market splash traditional New Orleans jazz with layers of electro pop and art rock, and the tunes are all heavily based on the various rhythms of her hometown, from swing to second-lines to bounce music and beyond. Art Market features traditional songs reimagined, and original songs fashioned for a charming, energetic and edgy New Orleans music experience with a band of young masterminds born and bred in the Big Easy.The album is currently being mixed and mastered, and will be released in early autumn of 2017.

Photo by Amy Lithimane

Photo by Amy Lithimane

* "Best Traditional Jazz Album" nominee- Offbeat Best of the Beat Awards 2015

* “Best Female Performer” nominee- Big Easy Music Awards, 2012

* “Best Female Performer” nominee- Big Easy Music Awards, 2011

* “Best Contemporary Jazz Album: Wishes” nominee- Offbeat Best of the Beat Awards 2011

* “Top 40 Under 40”- Gambit Magazine, 2010

* “Best Contemporary Jazz Artist” nominee- Big Easy Music Awards, 2010

* “Best Female Performer” nominee- Big Easy Music Awards, 2010

* “Best Female Vocalist” nominee- Offbeat Best of the Beat Awards, 2010

* “Best Emerging Artist” winner- Big Easy Music Awards, 2009

* “Best Contemporary Jazz Album: Musical Playground” nominee- Offbeat Best of the Beat Awards, 2009

* “Best Female Vocalist” nominee- Offbeat Best of the Beat Awards, 2009

* “Best Emerging Artist” winner- Offbeat Best of the Beat Awards, 2009