Hot House Jazz: Artists talk inspirations

Listening to the music of New Orleans native Sasha Masakowski makes one feel more secure about the future and continued vitality of jazz. 

All about jazz 5-star review: Old Green Review

There is a rare musical triple point where talent, vision, and a wicked sense-of-humor meet. Damn few artists ever make it there. I believe that it must be the address of one Sasha Masakowski.

Downbeat Magazine: NY HOt Jazz Festival

New Orleans-born singer Sasha Masakowski, daughter of renowned guitarist Steve Masakowski, kicked off the marathon with a swinging set on the outdoor roof garden, Gallow Green. 

Vanity Fair: The Jazz Youth-Quake

Sensational, young jazz players are emerging with each season... 

magnet magazine video premier

Hildegard is guitarist Cliff Hines and vocalist Sasha Masakowski, two New Orleans musicians who blend a variety of diverse genres to create their own unique sound. Their new album is set to be released in early 2015, but for now we’re proud to premiere their eerie new video for “A To Z” today...

It's New Orleans Podcast

Sasha Masakowski doesn't look all that fierce. But she doesn't look like she hangs out in strip clubs either. Looks can be deceiving

Gambit Interview December 2013

"With the influx of so many great artists... I also witness the destruction of important New Orleans emblems and wonder why that is..."

GoNola: 20 Questions with Sasha Masakowski

"exploring Tokyo’s Harajuku district leaves me feeling elated and amazed..."

Search & Restore: Behind the Series with Progression in New Orleans

"I treat each song as a short story. Each band member is a character playing a specific role in carrying out the plot, developing their part by adding their own unique interpretations to the story line. "

New Orleans Unplugged: Perfecting the Art with Sasha Masakowski

“You are your own boss, and you have to treat yourself like a business, and that has to be your priority.”

Driftwood Magazine: Spotlight on Sasha Masakowski

"Jazz music is... all about individual expression and creating your own style and sound..."

NOLA presents Sasha Masakowski

"Whatever the music demands, Sasha becomes. From sultry Brazilian romance to bluesy balladry, she infuses it all with playful personality and pristine execution."

Congo Square Couture interviews Sasha Masakowski

"Sasha vocals do not simply show promise, rather, it is a promise—to arrest your attention and sate your every auditory need.."

Festival Style: Sasha Masakowski on

"It's perfectly outrageous and a bold accessory choice, which makes me feel uninhibited and bold in my musical choices."

Musical Style: Video interview with Sasha Masakowski for

"The first music I ever bought was a cassette tape of TLC's "Crazy, Sexy, Cool" 

Exploring the Big Easy: Sasha Masakowski's Musical Life

"I always wanted to be Pavarotti as a child"

The Art of Scat Singing: featured Video with Sasha Masakowski

Three New Orleans vocalists explain the art of scat singing, it's history and their approach to the music with a demonstration of the song Bourbon Street Parade.

All About Jazz Review: Wishes by Sasha Masakowski

"...the young singer makes it clear that this is high-fashion music that lives beyond the borders of The Big Easy."- Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

All About Jazz Review: Wishes by Sasha Masakowski

"Her material choice shows a daring disregard for the commercial mainstream and a courage to step out and do something different...very successfully"- C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

One Track Mind: Sasha Masakowski's rendition of "Life on Mars"

"Masakowski and Co. have accomplished something here that doesn’t recall that track so much as completely reimagine it"- Nick Deriso, Somethin' Else"

Somethin' Else Review: Wishes by Sasha Masakowski

"as a singer with a musician’s flare for improvisation and color, Masakowski moves quickly away from the new standard of well-dressed ape-ists, stuck forever in some blow-dried, blindingly safe version of straight-ahead institutionalism" - Nick Deriso, Somethin' Else

Ones to Watch: Sasha Masakowski for Where Y'at Magazine

"It seems that the Masakowskis are poised to become yet another family of prolific musicians who call New Orleans home, joining the ranks of the Neville, Marsalis, Battiste, French, Dede, and countless other musical dynasties of our city’s rich past before them." - Carolyn Heneghan, Where Y'at

Offbeat Review: Wishes by Sasha Masakowski

"The band’s adventurousness combined with Masakowski’s fetching performance makes for alluring and invigorating aural experience"- Aaron Lafont, Offbeat

All About Jazz Review: Wetland by Nova Nola

"her vocalizations... show an expansive talent and a solid technical mastery"- J Hunter, All About Jazz

Nova Nola: A Family Affair by Offbeat Magazine

“Sometimes, in-between songs, I have these flashbacks where I’m five years old, jumping on the bed and faking the lyrics in Portuguese, trying to sing along with the LPs dad would play,”



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