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Sasha Masakowski is more than just a jazz singer. The daughter of New Orleans guitar legend and inventor of the keytar, Steve Masakowski, Sasha has been surrounded by music her entire life. The enigmatic singer is equally proficient at wielding synthesizersand electronic effects like live vocal looping, as she is singing behind a mic. Her music encompasses a wide range of influences which include traditional jazz, progressive rock, hip-hop, electronica, indie rock, and more.

Her band Art Market, is a blend of New Orleans jazz, bounce music, and experimental electronic music, while her alter ego, Tra$h Magnolia, is a blur of sonic influences that showcase the singer’s heritage as a girl from uptown. The singer recently joined Nicholas Payton’s latest trio, Lofty Ideals, which is an electronic group that features Payton on multiple instruments, guitarist and modular synthesist, Cliff Hines, and Sasha on vocals and synths.

Despite the many innovations in music technology, many jazz singers have traditionally stray away from incorporating electronics into their performance setup. Sasha not only embraces electronics, she has mastered them to the point of being able to create her own unique improvisational language.

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